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La Bella Pizza on OIsen

Our Story....


The original location for La Bella Pizza was founded at the current Olsen location by Paul Khoury in May of 2003. On his first day he only sold one sub sandwich for a $7 total in sales for the day. The slow sales continued for much of the month. While the word slowly built about the new pizza place in town, business began to improve.

Before too long a buzz was quickly traveling between folks around Amarillo. More and more people continued to try the newest in local fare eventually making it the busiest pizza restaurant in town.

​Fast forward to the present and under the new owners, La Bella Pizza continues to be Amarilloans go-to spot for lunch, dinner, and late night pizza for delivery or take-out. The opportunity arose to expand to the space next door adding a dining area, bar, and drive thru window to better accommodate more guests. Along with the expansion, they were also able to make beer delivery an option for the La Bella faithful. 

Jim Dewitz | Owner | La Bella Pizza on Olsen

Jim D. - Head Creator

Jim is the guy responsible for many of the newer and innovative menu items that keep popping up in our place. Growing up outside of Chicago, and having been in the restaurant business off and on since childhood, he has had the chance to delve into many different types and styles of food. This translates into unique new attempts at pizza as well as other dishes on the menu.

Kane | General Manager | La Bella Pizza on Olsen

Kane H. -
General Manager

"The General" is the one that keeps this place running on all cylinders. While pumping out hundreds of orders a day, he still makes time to check on his guests. Kane has been in many different fields over his lifetime, but he truly found his calling when he came to us at La Bella. With his attention to detail, and passion for perfection, he is definitely the best man for the job.

Who are they?

We have always been entrepreneurs. Starting and owning several businesses since 1999, including a fairly successful construction company for 12 years. Construction work had slowed for the company over 2013-2014 and we were forced to close the doors near the end of 2014. The opportunity arose to partner with others, one of whom already owned the Canyon La Bella, to purchase the Olsen and Hillside locations. La Bella pizza started in 2003 and was a big name in Amarillo but was declining due to prior owners. The partnership was short-lived but resulted in us becoming sole owners of the Olsen location in June 2016. Candy comes from an entrepreneurial family and has a double bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting. She also comes from a family of Marines. The VA hospital is named after her uncle, Thomas E. Creek. Jim’s family always owned a restaurant in his hometown of Kenosha, WI just outside of Chicago. He began working at the ripe old age of 9. He worked at the famous Spot drive-in, then at a local pizzeria/ Italian restaurant where he became a pizza maker. Jim always had a passion for cooking and always wanted to own a restaurant. Our mission statement is to “Make every first-time customer a loyal lifelong regular”. We try to accomplish this through great customer service, tons of options, exceptional quality, and amazing food…all at a reasonable priced. We hope to move La Bella Pizza on Olsen to a larger location soon so that we can accommodate more guests and offer an even better experience with a larger bar, outdoor dining, and meeting/event rooms. We hope to make a difference in our community by offering an exceptional place to work and by partnering with other businesses/organizations to help provide food or fundraiser opportunities.